......why'd they leave?

I lost a follower...

Now first let me say I'm not losing sleep over this but I wonder why?
I've read a lot of blogs where the authors say they don't care about followers...
and this is something I don't understand.
If you're writing a public blog it would seem to me that you want people to stop
by and read it..

...maybe even look forward to what you will post next.

Anyway, I care. I want followers..
Align Center.
I write to share what's going on in my life and what I think about the world around me.
I like the connection. I like comments.

So I wonder what I did wrong?...

One day I have 48 much loved followers and the next 47
...where did he/she go?

Maybe they were just downsizing their list of blogs to follow and
I was the least interesting?

Or maybe I offended someone...
I really don't want to do that

...I'd like to think that my followers are an open minded group of people who enjoy my Spirit Figures and should I touch upon something they might not agree with we could talk.
My blog isn't particularly political...

yes, I'm anti-war and pro-peace...shouldn't we all be?
I think children should be protected, but don't we all?
I don't mind sharing about Plastic Soup and other such horrors,
you want to know, don't you?

So why did I get dumped?

Do you think they might still sneak back every now and then to see if I improve
my writing or photography or my figures?

Maybe they didn't like my that might cause me some lost sleep.
They are so personal...geez...I hadn't thought about that.

Well, if you're still reading and just not following...
your absence has been noted, you've been missed...

and to those of you who still follow,
thank you for hanging in with me.


Deb said...

Julie, you give so much by having this blog. It's peaceful, inspiring, welcoming, and a wonderful place to come and "be" for a while. Just thought you should know this.

As for the Follower that is gone....try not to fret too much over it. They just left a space for your next Follower.

Anonymous said...

I think blogging is similar to any kind of artistic expression. You acquire fans; your fans tastes change; they move on. I, too, was disheartened the first time I lost a follower. But know that you're touching lives, sometimes new lives every day. Your writings are spirited, genuine, and positive. Your figures are lovely, and your life stories are encouraging.

We're all artists out here in one form or another. The sad thing about blogs is that we take inspiration from one another for a time, and then we find elsewhere to discover new horizons. That is life. And why we have spouses and real-life friends to be steady and to steady us.

You're a pleasure to read, in any case. I'm glad I found you.


Cindy said...

Julie I followed your blog long before I became a follower. I love how you think, I love your work, I always looked to you for inspiration. I like learning things on my own, but I like to look to others for ideas and inspiration. You were an inspiration to me before you knew I existed. Becoming a follower to peoples blogs was new to me and I was a bit hesitant, like it would 'expose' me. Like when you write something or create something and release it to the public, then you are 'exposed'. You are putting yourself out there for everyone to judge. I know how you feel about losing a follower, I would take it personally too. But maybe it wasn't something you said or did, maybe they stopped their blog, or it could be a blogger technical issue. Well I certainly have talked enough...I guess now that I am 'out of lurking' I can't hide! Anyway I wanted you to know you are my hero!
Much love and ~hugs~, Cindy

Sue said...

Ah Julie, I know exactly how you feel. I lost a follower about a month ago. No idea who it was, but for several days I was wondering why? I knew I hadn't been blogging much over the summer and wondered if this was the reason? And, then all the same reasons you asked yourself went through my head. I love my followers and to find one missing, gosh, I almost felt jilted

I finally decided that it was someone that no longer had a blog and/or a computer. Worked for me!


Vivian Helena said...

I would love to have more followers also.. I am slow at getting my photo up, because the one I had just showed my nose, and I don't want to be known for just my nose..
I think blogs are a little like the passing ships, some you get to know other just pass silently in the night. It is always inspirational to know what you are working on and see the shows you are attending and know how you view the world.

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