...return to me

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Where oh where has my Muse gone....?
If you see her will you ask her to return to me?
I think she is off on a holiday.

Maybe there is a gathering of the Muses somewhere in that other dimension...
They are dancing in the mist
being cared for by fairies and sprites
Singing their songs
Drinking sweet nectar
they are sharing experiences, gathering ideas and experimenting with new ways to inspire.
I can believe, envision, and dance alone, but with her I'm better...the dance is freer, my heart lighter, time less linear
I don't think I've insulted her....
I do know
I have listened....
been open.....
shown gratitude.

So come back home dear Muse...we have work to do.


Vivian Helena said...

beautifully written and I love your photograph, and how you did it.. She is there you just have to look at her and know she is with you. Have a quiet moment.. vivian

Deb said...

Oh Julie, do not fret. Your Muse is near, right beside you in fact. In your quiet time as Vivian said.

Go into your mediation not looking for anything, just the intent with being there, being in the moment.


Sue said...

Julie, I fear that our muses ARE together....but I have faith that they will return soon bestowing us with magically creative

I love the photograph and what you wrote!


julie mitchell said...

Thank you for your thoughts...I'm thinking she is in need of a bit of pampering when she returns...I've been working her hard...hug, hug

Tammie Lee said...

this post is written as though you are in sync with your muse. I do sense that even when it seems your muse is not available, your muse is right there with you. I know that you have to feel it, but i feel your muse is right there within you.

Sea Gypsy said...

I love your post!!!! I have come across a number of blogs feeling the same way. I have dolls just sitting waiting for them to speak to me and I get nothing, so I switch mediums just hoping my muse will come back soon!

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