......she's baaaaccck!

Nu Kua

As one of my friends said....Hallelujah!!!
I think some were getting tired of me whining.
But she's back and has been for a bit over a week...
.she came in on the wind and rain...
Rain, glorious rain, came to Coarsegold.
Not a lot...a teaser really
...but it cooled things down & there was that smell of rain and earth meeting after a long separation that I love so much.

She arrived with inspiring gifts and she unexpectedly brought my brother and sister for a few days of visiting. A nice surprise...they live in Oregon and we don't see each other often enough.

This Muse and I have been together since my vision quest....
she is Nu Kua....
she keeps order but still enjoys play
....she helps me 'see' and stay on track when I'm filled with ideas.
I think she went on holiday because she knows Sierra Art Trails is right around the corner and I will be relying on her more than usual to help me pull it all together Spirit Figures.....
when she left I had 3 figure on the way to completion....
Maiden, Mother and Crone
Now complete!

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Sue said...

What a lovely post honouring your muse! I'm so glad she is back.

Mine is teasing me, kind of back but not totally - she's being rather sassy at the moment.

Kathy L said...

Boy do I know how you feel when your muse takes a leave of abscence. I love your latest figure. And so glad you are up and running again. Lovely work!

julie mitchell said...

Thank you dear ladies...maybe we need to start a celebrate our Muse Day...just so they know they are appreciated?

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