.....two days with Smile Box…..

I don’t know why I chose Smile Box to use as my slide show…..Well, I know it was offered somewhere a long the line and seemed to be compatible with Picasa…so I decided to give it a try….2 and a half days later I had a slide show on my blog…Took me a bit to figure out how to get my pictures all added to Picasa but then it seems like it took me forever to decide which style to use…I think I tried them all…I know the one I picked is rather grandiose but I really think it’s cool, it’s fun for me to watch. I hope you like! It’s like a family photo album.

Last night my husband, the Bear, asked if I was scared to publish…I said no, but the closer I get it to pushing that button I’m reminded of high school, I want you to like me….to like my blog…..there are so many amazing ones out there. Loads of talented, creative, inspiring writers/artists….Anyway I’m just about there…ready to push the button.


Paz123 said...

I just love Smile Box so much... Last week, I have created my nephew's first birthday scrapbook on smile box...

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