......a night at the museum

It's been a good week or so....
I think it was a week ago Friday when my art buddy Vivian and I took a day to go down into Fresno to see our friend joAnn Burgess’s featured artist show at the Margaret Hudson Gallery… (It is a really a whimsical little gallery with wonderful whimsical art)...Neither one of us could resist bringing one of joAnn’s wonderful “pixel paintings” home. I love her angels, they make me happy.(I have another one on my altar)…I haven’t found the exact place for this little wonder yet.
We also did a little art supply shopping, had lunch and just enjoyed a day off.
Wednesday was another good day…went to the Art Marketing Salon that I belong to...It's always energizing to talk to other artist about ways to market our art. The idea of having a show together was suggested…something to ponder…it would be an eclectic show for sure…
Then when I got home I saw my daughter coming out of my gate to greet me! She lives in LA and surprised me with a visit!!…So Wednesday was already really, really good and then I got a call that my piece, Moon Tribe VI was selected to show at the Fresno Art Museums exhibition A Vision Unfolds: 60 Years of Art!!!!! …The exhibition includes artists (me) who have never presented their art at the museum before….Pretty excitingThe opening reception was last night and I had so much fun….it was a little surreal..I love this museum, but never really thought I’d have a piece of art hanging there…..One of the thoughts that floated through my head right before I got there was that “they” had changed their minds and my Little Moon Tribe Guys would be in a back room somewhere. Which actually happened to me
about 5 years ago. I arrived at the the reception for the local PBS station’s donated art show to find my Spirit Figure wasn‘t hanging but in a back room somewhere. Now that was humbling!!!!…….it was a definite blow to whatever ego thing I might have had going on that did sell at auction though and that took a little bit of the sting out.
The business of art can be really hard on the ego…It’s not all that easy putting emotions, skill, vision, thoughts all out there…There is no guarantee what the reception will be…none at all! But last nights reception was good, they did hang my piece! Feeling blessed I tried to stay in the moment and enjoy it with my family and friends. I’ll have a picture of the Tribe after I pick it up…

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