My mother cared deeply about America
She was a patriot
And she had me right next to her, even as a young child, for every political debate
Without knowing her own spirituality she knew and felt to her core the injustices 
that could befall one of us could befall any one of us
She was a proud voter
She was emotionally and intellectually involved, invested in what happened in America
She was political
she was a politician
she hooked me in
without lecture or force
I am political
I am a politician

I know there are people reading this who would prefer there were no politics here
but Cowbird declares this place as a library of human experience
and none of us can avoid the experience of the political climate in this world
to ignore the politics of global warming, the Trans Pacific Partnership, racism, hunger and homelessness, perpetual war, gerrymandering.....the list can go on and on...
something for everyone...
to ignore politics is to do so at our peril

I hear people say...I'll leave the politics to the politicians...
but to be a politician can simply mean you are engaged

To not be leave it up to the politicians, has led to a ruling class...
and a disengaged populace...
leaving it up to them
only 53.6 % of us voted in the last presidential election...
that fact feels immoral to me
when we aren't in our humanity the world misses us
this is America
called a democracy...
run for and by the people
when we don't engage
what we have
this ruling class
is not a democracy...

as Thom Hartmann says...
Democracy is not a spectator sport...'re it...


Snowbrush said...

I guess there are a thousand politicians for every statesman.

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