I happen to belong to a hugging tribe.
We hug each other all the time.
Real hugs..
leaning into them
really feeling the hug
the loving energy
the vibe.

But sometimes it happens that I want a hug and no one is around..
it happened the other night
so I sent an email out to a friend
I said I would really like a hug
It was at 1 or 2 in the morning and I really didn't expect a response until much later
But Wham!
Only 15 minutes past and here came a hug 
a warm, ethereal, hug
I love the internet
and my friends
Here's one for you if you if you want one

Hugs make me feel good...

A hug is the shortest distance between friends. ~Author Unknown

Hugs make things better..the good and the bad.

I really should do this more often...
self hugging

Not too long ago I was watching an interview
 with author SARK, Susan Kennedy.
she said she hugged herself every morning and we should too..
then she promptly threw her arms around herself and started kissing
 her hands and arms, shoulders, and saying
I love you, I love you

I happened to be feeling less than lovable at that moment so I thought, why not?
I threw my arms around myself...
did a bit of kissing...
I really opened my heart to myself 
I said I love you..
and to my surprise I started crying, 
to my surprise it my hug felt so comforting, and nice, and kind...
who knew?

Hugs are good
even if self administered.
I think Leo Bascaglia said we need a minimum of a dozen a day..
hug, hug


Joyce Wycoff said...

What if we loved ourselves as well as we love our friends, family and loved ones? I think self-hugs is a great idea. Thanks!

Snowbrush said...

RC (re-evaluation co-counseling) was a huggie group. We even had big group hugs that ended up on the floor in what we called "puppy piles." Now, I just have Peggy to hug. If I had no one, I don't know how I could stand it.

julie said...

Yes, hugs, we need them I think to keep our feel part of...and the best ones are the ones that I can relax into...xo
Snow, I'm glad you have Peggy..and she has you. xo

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