...spring cleaning and a reading

I am cleaning up my studio after 5 weeks or so of creativity.
It taking me some time because I am not rushing through it.
I have treasures I had forgotten about...
and things that have gotten put on a shelf or under my futon, forgotten.
I came upon a little basket of faces that for one reason or another weren't speaking to me at time they got put away.
I feel a little bad about ignoring them for so long...
Little Spirit Figures want form.

This cleaning is part necessity...
no place left to set anything down and a floor full of danger to my feet and Shylee,
but it is also because it feels like spring here...time to shift gears...
and although we haven't had much rain we did have a cold, cold, winter.
I spent much of my time in my nest by the wood burner 
doing handwork and watching dvds.  

I've been in kind of a funk...feeling kind of stuck.

I've been letting the state of the world get me down.  Limit my view.
I've been letting others who have a more limited view of the world influence me.

The sun is shining and I love the warmth on my skin and the light.
Sunny spring like there anything better?

So I am going through treasures and trash, deciding what to give away, toss or keep.
 I'm feeling stronger...
Letting go of old stuff.
and looking forward to new stuff...
in all the areas of my life.

The other morning I thought what perfect frame of mind to throw a few cards....see what the tarot had to say about my Spring.
So I asked,
"What can I look forward to during this time of beginnings?"
''What should I be aware of?''
''ready for''

 I focused
and threw down three cards...

Judgement....Queen of Hearts/Cup.....Six of Wands

Of course I think of this card as me.
I am a heart person.

I have been considering matters of the heart, 
things that bring me peace and make me feel alive....

As a rule I don't even like the word....Judgement
This is a powerful card and some readers say it trumps all the others...
the Judgement card is about BIG things.

Are your days of sitting on the fence done? Have you found a reason to keep living? Are you feeling refreshed and looking forward to moving on? Has a casual interest turned into a dominating philosophy of life that you are pursuing as your true calling? Are you able to brush aside the ambiguities and obfuscations of the past and clarify exactly what it is you have been through? When the Judgment card arrives in your Tarot reading, it is time to take a stand as the hardest choices become obvious after the simplest of appraisals. 

I didn't throw the cards with the placement in in past, present or future, as 3 card spreads usually are... 
if that were the case this Judgement card would be in the past position...
and I look at it as a BIG judgement or agreement made in the past, to be or think in a certain way that might not be serving me or anyone else today...I think the Judgement card is asking me to settle my skitterish, busy brain down and look at what is I really want to vision for myself.  Where I want to put my energy...create a clear vision.
Six of Wands

Is a card of triumph and movement.
In the future position it often means one is going to succeed at something 
they will take great pride in.
It's about the pleasure of reaping rewards from something you have worked for.
I wanted a little more information so decided to throw one more card...
so I shuffled, and cut,
and threw out the Fool...

I happen to be a reader who thinks the fool is a good card...
but it does depend on circumstances.

In some decks the Fool is blindfolded as she/he starts out on a journey with few things to be encumbered by...The Fool may not have a clear idea of where the journey will take her but she has faith that all things will turn out as they should.....
the little dog is often seen as a protector, keeping the Fool from walking off a cliff...
getting this card feels good....and it isn't that life is easy...or decisions are easy... 
but there can be ease in my heart....
a certain knowing that I have what I need to start an new journey.  

As I was putting the deck to the side
The Ace of Hearts fell on the table...

Believing in synchronicity I decided that it was meant to be used in this spread.
The Ace of Hearts/Cup is all about love and if paired with the Judgment card it means that I will be making some important life decisions.

I going to interpret this reading that I am in heart mode and should be.  
That listening to my heart is always the best choice for me. 
I am taking a serious look at some decisions 
I've made that have left me playing small...
Looking again at some opportunities I haven't taken a serious look at because it was more comfortable not to...
and because I was putting a great deal of energy into things that I have no power or control over.
It's kind of like the AA mantra...the Serenity Prayer....

God grand me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference.

I feel like the Six of Wands is telling me to return my focus to my creative inspirations and that I will have continued success in that area, greater success.

Aces are gifts in the tarot and the Ace of Hearts is affirming that I will have the opportunity to make decisions about my future that will allow me to have continued success in my creative endeavors, and continue to have great love in my life....
 I believe I have the support of the Universe if I stay in my truth.

Happy, happy Spring to you....I hope all your decisions come with ease.


If any of you are readers...tell me what you see..ok?



Olivier Klastat said...

Hello Julie,

I like Tarot a lot. There are different kinds of laying. Three past, present and future is okay. Of course you got to know, why you want to lay your cards. A question. Before. After lay. And analyze. Interpret. Doing it all now mixed, crissed and crossed is not usual. Greetings to you and your wonderful appearance.

Yours sincerely

O. Klastat

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