...32 questions

Where does that fear come from that locks us in place?
What if today was a beginning and end?
What if we cut those ties that are so tight we have to remind ourselves to breathe?
What if we silenced those voices from within and without 
when they say, 
can't, won't, shouldn't, couldn't?
What if we release the pain that has become a comfort, and a safe place to hide?
What if stepped away from the judgement and disrespect of others?
What if we no longer let another's vision for us keep us from our authentic selves?
What if we stopped self-sabotaging?
What if we put our toxic waste in a box, tied it up tight with string
 and buried it for the last time? 


What if we made room for the inspired?
What if stepped away from the path that no longer calls to us?
What if we painted the picture we want to step into?
and stepped into it barefooted?
What if we took our long buried dreams out from their hiding place
 and held them to the light?
What if we danced with them?
What if we embraced the gift of them...?
What if we believed?
What if we relaxed?
What if today was the day we pulled up the words from deep within
 and spoke our truth to one and all?
Or just one?
What if we honored ourselves?
What if we asked for what we need?
What if we reached out to each other in support?  
What if as a tribe we chased away loneliness and fear?
What if we embraced our true and loving hearts?
What if we forgave?
Not just them, but ourselves.
What if we loved unconditionally? 
Not just them, but us? 

What if we really stepped into life?
What if we chose to live?
What if I did it today?
And what if we don't?


Angela Recada said...

Wow Julie. That is a very thought-provoking list. What if? I think the world would be a much, much better place, even if each of us only did one or two of them.

Thanks for being YOU!
Love and hugs,

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