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This is my favorite news guy....
he is brilliant at explaining world affairs and knows our Constitution backwards and forwards.  And he is entertaining. 

You can find his show on LinkTV & Free Speech TV and you can stream him online...I promise you will be more aware.

and I ponder this...

Fox News viewers
are less informed 
than people who don't watch any news at all...

I had the pleasure of leading a Money Doll workshop a few weeks ago.  It was hosted by my friend and fellow artist joyce Whycoff
There were six attendees and they sat at her dinning table as I led them through the process...
What fun we had.
These Money Dolls have a five dollar bill and 20 cents as part of their construction. 
 Seed money...
The one above is joyce's...sitting on her little altar.

This little golden one is on of mine....
We honored Lakshmi the Hindu Goddess of abundance
There is a little ritual that goes along with the dolls
Lighting candles, ringing bells and chanting the mantra below for ten minutes a day for 40 days....with you need in mind.  
“Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha”.
Actually when I find that I drop my resistance and truly open for abundance the process works much quicker.

the movie
Watch will make you smile..

In the late 60's I was a peace activist...
I still am, but then I was really active.
I watched this documentary the other day about the Weather Underground...a group of radicals who split from the Students for a Democratic Society.  They advocated that the only way to get a violent government to pay attention, change, end the war, was through violence.   To be clear, I don't advocate violence...but I do understand why it is almost impossible to have a peaceful revolution.  
And I do understand the frustrations of people living under governments that are corrupt and violent and don't serve the people.  That indeed seem to be intent on destroying any sort of quality of life for the people who live under them.
This is an interesting documentary.  
Not so much has changed in all the years since the Vietnam War or the civil rights movement, of which I was also a part of by registering voters in Texas. 
 A very scary time...scarier now I think.
 We have more war now, and elections are being made more and more difficult for voters to actually vote.
You might enjoy the doc...

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable...
John F. Kennedy



Regina said...

very interesting post. I love the spirit dolls!!

julie said...

lol...Regina...interesting good? or interesting bad?...
thank you for coming by...I'm happy out like the figures...xo

Rubye Jack said...

I remember the SDS and Weather Underground. Sadly, I don't think a non-violent revolution is possible any longer. We are going into sad dark times and my hope is to somehow separate myself from it all and lead a very simple little life. Actually, I wouldn't mind that life regardless.
The dolls are great!

Angela Recada said...
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