....the tide is turning

Borrowed from Running 'Cause I Can't Fly


Angela Recada said...

Wonderful video, Julie. Thanks for posting it. It gives me hope, to see people speaking up, finally. . .

LoveLoveLOVE to you always,

Brianne said...

There is another one, that I can't find right now, that is sends petitions through Facebook. I will send the link to you when the next thing comes through.

You probably have really good resources of your own. These links above have good facebook pages. Creedo, also has a good phone company alternative.

I don't know if you know, but I found you during one of those OWO.. things. Our dolls are very similar. You have matured much more than I with your art. I have just within the last year admired what my hands create and what I can create when I let myself "go." I did like your post about dancing with your muse. When you have all of these worries and concerns, no matter, yes how legitimate, in your head, your dance will have to go more deep for you art to come. Yes? I remember reading one time about the "hippies" dividing up: political with the voice to be heard and those that were more quite; the ones that believed that by living a certain peaceful, non greedy way (Imagine, John Lennon) then that would send vibes into the universe creating change. Really, not even so far as to say the universe, but your "brother" next to you, like ripples in a stream. Did it work? Either way? Do we need both? Yes, I believe we need both? It is a hard life both ways. Peace.

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