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A few Fridays ago my daughter Erin and I went to the local elementary/junior high school at lunch time to give the children an opportunity to sign a banner to ask the Japanese government to put a stop to the taking of dolphins for captivity..... to stop the slaughter of the dolphin not pretty enough to perform in marine parks around the world.

Close to 400 children love dolphins...see the magic in them...we heard that repeatedly from the little and bigger girls, "ohhh, I love dolphins!"....
Well they need our help.
September 1 was the beginning of this horror at the cove in Tiaji, Japan.

 Erin has turned over a lot of her energy to putting an end to the annual 6 month slaughter.
Last Thursday, the day they beginning killing the dolphins in The Cove, she arrived in San Francisco for the peaceful protest she was responsible for putting together in front of the the Japanese Consulate.  

The petition some of you may have signed, along with the kid's banner, was put into the hands of the gentleman who came out to receive them.  
There was an excellent turn out.  Erin worked hard at putting the information out there.

 And needless to say I am very proud of her.  

From a FB reader....

Hi Erin, I was so touched by some of your posts recently and the heart felt passion you have for protecting life on our planet. 
I appreciate the depth of your emotion...
it feels sometimes that we are just "dust in the wind".

I want to share this recent note I posted on my wall just hours was about a synchrononistic find I happened upon while going through old documents on my computer... It is a bit long but truly valuable information that will help energize you. 
Erin, Thank you for your big beautiful wide open loving heart....all earthlings rejoice each time it beats! Be empowered, my friend, because your expanding love is what will save the never fails!! 

                                                   Dolphin Smiles and Whale Hugs,Lanis

the note


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