A happy life must be to a great extent a quiet life, for it is only in an atmosphere of quiet that true joy dare live. 
Bertrand Russell

On the table

Seems I've got Studio Avoidance...

Altar at night

You might know what I mean...Creative avoidance....


Mine isn't total studio avoidance.  I love my studio and I spend a lot of  time there...

on the table too

I've done a little hand work...worked on little figures..

dreaming window

I go everyday for a few hours...


I read and watch old Ally McBeal  episodes...
I love the magic in them and they make me laugh..

On the wall

I listen to Free Speech Radio out of Berkeley because 
I appreciate news that isn't corporate owned and packaged.

more books

I find inspiration here...I meditate and dance 

my lovely little wood burner

It's cozy and one corner is quite beckons to come and curl up next to the fire and read or write or just day dream.. 

Gaia at night

So it really isn't whole studio avoidance...
it's the creative work side of my studio that's I'm avoiding...


I've done some cleaning and straightening...
wandered through on many occasions...
looking for that spark..
But I haven't wanted to call in my Muse....
I'm avoiding her..
What's up with that...
and what's the cure????

I do


Suzi Smith said...

mmm.... been very much the same of late... plenty of musing (so the muse is there!) but not creating... the cure? not sure, but bet we both start one day & wonder why we delayed!

Angela Recada said...

I understand completely, and am feeling much the same lately. All will be well.

We will definitely keep in touch!

Brianne said...

I love just meeting you and reading your blog. I just read your piece on love as the river. Digesting. Digesting. Maybe you are so much into your finished pieces, your regular routine that you need to deconstruct something. One of your pieces, a routine. Shake it up. Like the March mad hare. Like the winds of March. Go with the madness and see where it takes you. If anything, you'll be true to the Goddess to the Seasons, to the Cycle of Nature. Brianne

Tammie Lee said...

your life
and sounds
i forgot about Ally McBeal, i enjoyed that show too.

Sue said...

Oh Julie, you have crawled into my head. I'm right there with you.

All I know as 'this too shall pass'



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