....hats off to my soul mates!!

Do you believe in Kindred Spirits...Soul Mates?

I do.

To a lot of people a Soul Mate is a romantic figure...Someone who you might see across a room...your eyes meet and you feel a call, a recognition.  When you're close you might actually feel a mingling of your energies as they dance together....It's a giddy, heady, experience...You've felt it....I know you have.
I believe in that romantic meeting of spirits...but I also believe we had many Kidnreds who ar not of the romantic kind...

Looking at people who have come into my life I realize so many people have come  to move me along my karmic journey and maybe me them.

Some times it's really clear why a Kindred shows up, we easily know why they've come.  My Circle Sisters found each other in the most synchronistic  ways....We came together to create a space to explore being women on spiritual journeys...We are Kindreds.

Seven, or so years ago I met a woman I was instantly drawn to...We were like magnets.  The thing we had in common was the desire to get our art out from under the bed and into the world.  We weren't brave enough to approach galleries So we held hands and rented a RUSTIC 10 x10 Kiosk in our local Village and opened our own ...Feather Moon ...she was Josie Two Feathers and I was 13 Moon...We opened on a shoe string...$200 per utilities, no air, no adventure. And we'd only known each other a month.
We had the support of our spiritual family and people bought what we offered....

But Josie and I quickly discovered that we only shared to vision of having a place to show our art....not how to run a business..  and there was another little glitch that turned big...She was Native American...I'm white.

Our journey in the world was so very different.  Yet we came together on a mission.  I learned a lot from Josie and how profoundly our experiences can color who we see in front of us.  There were many tears, as she said, 'we can't mix medicine'...and so we couldn't.,,,Josie moved away and I kept Feather Moon for a couple of years...I consider Josie on of my most influential Kindreds...We met and ignited a dream...She gave me confidence...and she taught me some big lessons about relationships.  I hope she took something from me when our soul business together was complete.

And that's something else...Time romantic side says once you meet a kindred or soul mate they should be with us forever in human form...but of course that isn't true...they come and go...

A year ago our twins were born, my tiny little grandsons...not much bigger than my hand.....Monday was the one year anniversary of the passing of our Phoenix....3 days old...Three weeks later Haiven passed...They were here for such a short time yet had such a huge impact...I know they were Kindreds ..They opened all of us involved in loving them so much...taught us things about ourselves, our family ties, our spiritual family, our friends...all good stuff, mixed with incredible pain.  And surely some karmic debt was paid with that pain,,,Pain that can still instantly rise to the surface.

My daughters are Kindreds, Soul Mates....I learn so much from their beautiful spirits...

So my question is...Do you believe that somewhere in the Universe....our souls gather and make agreements to find each other in this lifetime to move us along on our journey?  That they come as teachers, lovers, friends, children, even those difficult folks......that they have that special something we need to wake us up if  we might be sleeping...They bring us experiences to help us become more compassionate, wiser, softer, tougher, braver, more loving...?  
And if we are open enough will we recognize them and why they've come?
 Will we cherish them? Welcome them? Or will we miss the connection this time around?  Maybe you and me are Kindreds?? xoxo


Healing Woman said...

I really loved your thought provoking post. I will take your words with me on my days journey. Yes, I believe we come into one anothers lives for reasons unknown to us at the time. It is later that it is revealed to us. I had never really thought of my "friends" as soul mates but I will rethink. Maybe you are right.

Angela Recada said...

Thank you for this story. You described the joy and the pain so well, and you've made me think about the entire concept of connectedness. I know that in the past, I haven't necessarily realized that a person was a kindred spirit until after they have left my life. I'm trying to be more in tune and aware - listening to my heart and not my mind.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I'm a firm believer in soul mates of the non-romantic type...over the years it has solidified even more for me...down to even the aquaintence we meet at the store we have a chance encounter with...I think for me at least in having listened to great spiritual teachers of our time such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Gary Zukov, etc...and what I've gleaned from them is that nothing is chance and all is very synchronistic...we just show up at the right time and right place for the encounter...what we do with the encounter is entirely up to us. For within every human body is the spiritual being having the human experience?

Just as I have no doubt that I was drawn to you...when I first layed my eyes on your Spirit Figures I knew you had my heart...and yes, you are a Kindred Soul!

Don't you just love that? :)

Where we go from here who knows!

Blessings for a Day of Peace and Abundant Joy...

AkasaWolfSong said...

P.S. Have you ever read the book Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss?
It's one phenominal read if you haven't already...and really touches on what you've shared so beautifully today.

All My Love!

Praying Horse said...

Yes, most certainly believe in kindred spirits and soul mates. And as you so eloquently say, it's not necessarily something that happens on the romantic level. And in fact, a soul mate attraction or relationship may even be one that isn't a "positive" one in the lovey dovey sense - rather that person causes us to look deeply at ourselves and learn Relationship. Those lessons can be painful as spiritual growth sometimes is.

Sue said...

"So my question is...Do you believe that somewhere in the Universe....our souls gather and make agreements to find each other in this lifetime to move us along on our journey?"

Most definitely! You have very eloquently worded something I have believed in for a very long time. Thank you for this post.


julie said...

I've haven't taken the time to write a response to your comments....but I read each one as they arrived...All made my heart sing..Healing Woman...I think you will find Kindreds among your friends..I do..Angela..thank you..yes, once they are gone it's sometimes easier to see...when they come I get caught up in the lesson or movement...I think Kindreds come when we need a big shift.
Akasa, it's interesting when I pay many helpers in my life...teachers...I should be much further along than I, we are Kindred Souls...and I do love it..sharing some of this journey.
ps...I have the book...haven't read's one of those I'm hoping will do the trick while sitting on the book shelf...sigh
Praying Horse...I know you believe in Kindreds...and yes, I know about those that come and leave me hattered and bruise...Sue, I know, you shows in your heart...and in your art...who are those little people anyway?...xoxoxo

Suzi Smith said...

This is such a lovely, thought filled post... you've articulated many things I also think. And yes, our kindreds come along to share or coax or push us along in many different ways, as we do them, even if we aren't totally aware of it at the time. I'll join you in a toast... "to soul mates!!"

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