...spiders and ArtTrails

This is my first tarantula sighting of the fall.....they always seem to come out right before Halloween....I'm told it's the males who are out and about looking for a girlfriend.
The girlfriend is waiting for him in a hole in the earth...waiting or hiding
...I don't know which. The first time I saw a tarantula up close and personal it was under my kitchen table...freaked me out...but he didn't seem to be bothered by me at all...just sat there until I go brave enough to see if he would go into a dust pan and I could take him outside...I was shaking...what if it jumped on me!! But he cooperated and came back the next night come in between the sliding glass door and the screen...I even named it Tillie...I didn't know about the mating ritual then...and now I'm happy when I see the first one in the fall. Happy it survived another year...happy I did too.
These hairy spiders seem to be peaceful and non-violent, not at all aggressive.
We have a tarantula festival here in October. I've never been to troubles me that all those boy spiders are in little containers waiting to be in a race instead of out finding a girl.

You Can Always Dance!

I went dancing again last weekend....this time in Plumas County.
What draws me back to these gatherings is the music and the community of people seeking bliss through dance... and sometimes finding it...but always releasing stress, and then going back out into the world feeling better, being better citizens.
It's really quite amazing.

In her book, Maps to Ecstasy, Gabrielle Roth says ..."Ecstasy is an ego-less, timeless state of being. It's a state of total alignment and unity. Unity of body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit. It is what we need to heal our psychic dismemberment. We can't access it if we are divided, body against mind, mind against heart, or any other way. We can only reach ecsasy through wholeness. One way to experience being whole is through meditation. The purpose of meditation is to still the mind and surrender to the moment. The fastest way I'm found to still the mind and be aware of the moment is to move the body." and this.."The dancing path leads us from the inertia of sleepwalking to the ecstasy of living the spirit of the moment."
So, I was out dancing and releasing stress instead of working to get ready for Sierra Art Trails... I'm feeling behind and it's coming anyway. will be here after tomorrow...I'm feeling stressed...time to dance....a circle.

Unity in Love

It's an open studio tour...this will be my third year in my own studio...and every year I say I'm doing it somewhere else next year...and I've said that a few times today...only to myself, because I probably don't mean it. I'll have a really good time and see friends and make new ones. I'll get to talk to people about my figures...I don't get to do that often enough...I get to tell them heart to heart why I do what I do...and then I'll be excited about doing it next year here...and that most likely means I'll be sitting here next year at this same time saying that it's too much work and I'm not going to do it at my studio again...

Sierra Art Trails Logo Come see me if you can...

Divine Spirit...use me. Take me to my dreams..


Snowbrush said...

Boy, Julie, if Peggy had been browsing blogs (this is an entirely fanciful scenario), and that spider picture had suddenly appeared on the screen, well, let's just say I hate to think what would have happened to our computer.

Healing Woman said...

When I first saw the picture on your post of a Tarantula, I almost didn't open it. Then, I read the very interesting and enlightening way that you wrote about it and I was so glad I did. I also love the quote you gave on dancing. I agree that it can be extremely meditative.

Your Spirit dolls are wonderful and I'm sure you'll catch up in making more for the show.

Thanks for the nice post~

Sue said...

I looked at your spider pic and while I don't like spiders, I wondered what kind of pet they would make. As far as spiders go, I find tarantulas fascinating and 'kind of' cute.

I would so love to come to your show and see your beautiful work in person. Your Spirit dolls are so
awesome, and I'm really liking the Unity in Love piece.



Angela Recada said...

Dancing and spirit dolls and spiders! I love them all! I used to love to dance! How wonderful that you've found a place to go where you can be totally free, and dance with others in such a healing way!

I adore all your dolls, but the Unity in Love piece is really captivating my attention today. Can't take my eyes off of it!

I've never seen a tarantula, but I've heard they're quite nice and harmless. Kind of cute and fuzzy. I always try to let little creepy crawly intruders find their way back outside, or I take them back out whenever I can, too.

Have a fabulous time dancing and showing your art, and spreading your light and love. You are such an inspiration to me!

julie said...

Hi...I know, huge spiders aren't for here in the foothills tarantulas are some of our more docile crawly things....last night I had to kill a scorpion..ewwww..they hurt when they get you! My biggest fear with tarantulas is that I might step on would be like stepping on a small animal...very sad.
Sierra Art Trails was fun and profitable and there were a lot of contacts made in lot's of areas...So next year I think I'll do it again. Thanks for your positive words...I appreciate them!! And the dancing has become an can find me almost every night dancing, dancing, is an amazing stress reducer...I have had neck issues for many, many years...spasms from a car accident and dancing is making me better...just amazing!!
hug, hug xoxo

ladybug said...

It IS time to dance....I was reminded myself this past weekend...and I'm thrilled to feel my desire to move to music again...for some reason I parted from that piece of me for a while...I welcome it back with open arms (sometimes swinging wildly to beautiful music) dance on my friend. Great each day with your own song and dance.

(and even though I can't be there in person at your gathering..I'll visit in spirit--trying not to twirl into anything breakable!)

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