....mystery emblem

I'm always on the hunt for goodies for my Spirit Figures...the unusual...I found this shirt not too long ago...This emblem is on the back...the shirt seems to have been made at home...and this emblem seems to have been hand embroidered. .. It's about 15 inches long...What I'm wondering is if it means something universal that I don't recognize...?? So, I'm asking for help...does it resonate with you, or have you seen it before and know what it signifies? Any guesses?

Happy Saturday...It's beautiful in the central Sierra foothills today..hope it is where you are...


Sue said...

Julie, that is fascinating. I have never seen this particular emblem before - seen ones that have the multiple headed birds and also ones with the all-seeing eye, but never put together like this.

Curious to see if anyone has an answer for you.

We had clouds and drizzle here today in Ontario - yesterday was glorious though! :)


Tammie Lee said...

amazing that a hand embroidered piece like this would ever wander about for you to find. It is wonderful. There is a lot of symbology in this piece. But I have no idea what the entire thing means, it is more a feeling for me. Very earthy. xo

julie mitchell said...

Yes, someone took a lot of care with it...beautifully done...and it ended up in the 25 cent pile...I would love to know who made it.

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