....ready, set, world ~ one heart starts now

I've had so many wonderful interaction with many of the ticket holders on this Magic Carpet ride..
and you all have made some really nice comments on this post...

so I'm adding another Spirit Figure also to be given away on the 15 th of February when I do my draw...

I don't know what she/he will be like because I've yet to create him/her but somewhat along the lines of these small totems of good mojo...

The one above is adorned in what I now realize is really old paper cloth.....
I bought the piece at a peddler fair, There was a couple of is old and a bit battered mostly from having been folded... it is a very fibrous paper glued to a sheet...a top sheet...and then painted..

.the other figure below...

Healing Hands/Laughing Heart is adorned in fabric I did a rice flour resist to and one of the layers is paper cloth...

They are both under 10".

So I'll make something similar for the draw.......

Little Friendship Sprite

Welcome to my blog!!!

It's so nice of you to stop by
....If you're new to this event get ready for a good time, if you've done this before you've probably been looking forward to this as much as I here we go...
off on a Magic Carpet ride!!

It's true, it's magical...see new sights, make new friends, get inspired, learn new stuff, sign up for goodies... and there are so many over-the-top-wonderful give-a-ways.
It's just join in...sign up here to win my little figure...she is a friendship sprite, she'll guide you to fabulous new friends and sprinkle love dust on those you already have. On her heart are these words, 'Friends are Kisses Blown to Us by Angels'... If you think you would enjoy her Just sign up by leaving a long or short would be cool if you said something about yourself....the city you live in, how you spend your days....but you don't have to....but you do have to leave your email address so I can let you know you won. .

I will pick a winner on

February 15th after 12 noon pacific time....
that's as late as you can enter.

PS....thanks to lisa at A whimsical Bohemian


Moriah said...

Fantastic! So glad i found your blog! Great giveaway! Please add my name to the hat! Don't forget to head over to my blog (#98 on the magic carpet) for a chance to win, too!

WrightStuff said...

How wonderful to have a friendship sprite spreading magic dust about your house! She is very cute and quite adorable!
I am loving this adventure around blogland and I have to say have become quite addicted today, leaping across the world with a few clicks of my keyboard.
I'm sitting in a cold UK town dreaming of sprites in magical woodlands casting wishes! A delightful visit, I must come around again!

Maron said...

This little sprite is just itching to come live with me! =)

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

What a lovely art doll you have created for OWOH. I would love to adopt her. Please include me in the draw. I am #437 on the magic carpet

Kathy said...

What a cutie - she would look so
good in my studio! Please come by for a visit - #300 on the magic carpet. Peace and Hugs from Texas - Kathy

Flight Fancy said...

She's a delightful little sprite! Im finding such fantastic artist and blogs thru OWOH! :)
Blessings, Theresa

Kelly said...

Great giveaway! Please enter my name! Pop over to my blog (#92 on the magic carpet) for a chance to win, too! :)

Athena said...

Great giveaway! Thanks so much for having this. Pop over to my blog for a chance to win, too! :) #318 on the list...

And hello from Nashville, TN, where I spend my days making mini cakes, polymer clay art dolls, and letting my cats in and out! :)

Marie said...

Hi there Julia, this is such an incredible doll you have created!! Wow... I love that it is a friendship sprite too. This is something we all can use. Wishing you much peace and thank you sharing your art dolls with us, M

Sue said...

"Friends are kisses blown to us by angels"....what a beautiful sentiment! Beautiful little friendship doll too and I would be so thrilled to have her here in my home! Julie, please add me to the mix and I will keep my fingers crossed!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I believe I can her that angel whispering that she'd really love to live in a New Haven artist's studio!

Seriously, she's charming!

I'm an ex-schoolteacher-cum-artist. Also part time actor/director.

Thanks for entering me - and visit my blog and learn about me! - AND enter my giveaway.

Donna said...

Thanks for offering this great gift and Thanks so much for a chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Sprite! Please count me in :)

Tammie Lee said...

Julie, I love what you wrote on her heart! And she overflows with charm and sweetness. I would be so honored to be part of your give away!
It is fun that we are both doing this. xo

foxygknits said...

Julie - you have definitely brought out my want monster! What a lovely prize for some lucky entrant!

Please stop by Foxy G's Den of i-KNIT-quity, #113 on the Magic Carpet Ride, for a chance to win a hand crocheted lavender ruffle scarf:

Pattee said...

I'd love to be entered!
I'm also on this blog giveaway~

Judee said...

Thank you for the opportunity to try and win your lovely doll.
jlefler at mi-connection dot com

AZviaTx said...

Does she fly alongside the magic carpet with her gosssamer wings? She's lovely and would love to come home with me! Thanks for your generosity. Tina

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Julie, Your friendship sprite is very pretty and so delicate! I love the words on her heart. Please enter me in the drawing!
Greetings from Germany,

Atypical Girl said...

I am so in love with this giveaway! You are so creative! Beautiful!

Krissy said...

She's so elegant!

Tina said...

gorgeous fairy sprite - please include me in your giveaway - thanks for entering mine...great blog


Kathleen Mattox said...

Personally, it's some of that "love dust" that I want! Great start for the big event! I got mine posting etc. done tonight and am very happy that I did. I couldn't remember anything about what to do, of course. Please add my name to your growing list and thanks!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hello! It's a pleasure to meet you! What a lovely gift you are offering. :) She is truly beautiful! Feel free to visit me and take a trip upon my Magic Carpet with me:

Sincerely, Theresa

We live in Connecticut and our happy little home with two lovely dogs. I live for art, music, literature, film, culture. :)

karenm said...

She is sooooo beautiful, please put my name in the hat. my blog is

Jingle said...

She is so wonderful and makes me soooo happy! I would love to have her company! Thanks for a great giveaway!

AK said...

awe she is beautiful! I would definitely love to win her and give her a good home ;)
#417 on the magic carpet

Sharon said...

Wow what a unique artistic gift. I have been looking at your posts all very interesting. I will return to read more. Plaes put my name in the hat! Sharon

Kathy said...

She's perfect for my craft room. I love her. Great work. Please count me in and come see me too.

Silke said...

Oh, how wonderful!!! What a great giveaway! Thanks for letting me know that I could participate! :) Silke

Astrid Maclean said...

Your frienship sprite is stunning! What a great giveaway, please count me in and if you have time, come and visit mine (#154)
Greetings from bonny Scotland

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Hello From New York! I'd love to have this gorgeous sprite come live with me. I am primarily a bead artist (although I dabble in a lot of media), currently making french beaded flowers.

I'm participating for the first time, so stop by my blog to enter my giveaway, too!

Anita Stoll said...

Of course you can add my name to your list. I love your work. Come over to my blog at on pastels so long as your blogging and say Hi.

Jodaeodesign said...

Love the spirit. She would fit in well at my home in Spokane, WA. Please include me in your drawing

Cat said...

You rock, I love her!

Arya said...

I'm a mother or 3, hope to be 4 someday, wife to a wonderful man and mommie to 2 rambunctious cats while living in Idaho trying to photograph it all.

Are you curious about me? said...

I come on a magic carpet from the UK so glad that it stopped here for a rest, so that I am able to visit your blogland..... which is indeed truely wonderful.

Please add my name to your hat, as I leave on another journey, I shall return very soon I'm quite sure of that.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your sprite is so enchanting and expressive. I love her heart, which epitomizes this event.

I'm # 79 on the magic carpet ride.

MaryAnn said...

I love your little friendship sprite. THanks for stopping by my blog on your OWOH magic carpet tour.

Tamara Dozier said...

What a beautiful doll! I'd love to enter and you can enter on my blog as well. #227 on the magic carpet.

Mendy said...

wow she is AMAZING!! she is gorgeous and I would LOVE to hold her close and tresure her!! thank you for this amazing giveaway, count me in! xo Mendy

carylsrealm said...

Awwww...She is so wonderful! Please add my name! :)

Lisa said...

Hey, count me in, and thanks for stopping by.

Pearl Avenue Studios

Debby said...

WOW!!! I simply adore your friendship sprite, she is so unique and beautiful. I would be thrilled for her to come and live with me. Awesome giveaway and I would love to be entered.

GraceBeading said...

Wonderful little Sprite for sure, love the message on her heart. I'm looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog after posting.

I'm in Northeast Indiana, but a CA girl at heart having been born and raised in Southern California. I work at a 'real' job by day and bead at night, on the weekend and any other time I can fit it in.

Thanks for the chance to win Little Friendship Sprite, have fun on your carpet ride, LOTS of blogs to visit!


Yvonne said...

Please enter me in your draw! Also pop over to my blog, have a browse around and enter my give away. I’m number 303 on the magic carpet :)

sassypackrat said...

What a lovely little sprite!
I'm #390.

Candy said...

Thank you for a chance to win such a great offering!!
OWOH #473

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I hope I win!
Here is my link to my OWOH 2010 giveaway at TAJ.

ladybug said...

As a lucky winner from last year, I feel almost guilty putting my name here again, but should this lovely spirit want to come and play my way she would most certainly be welcome. ;)

I hope you have a chance to stop by and enter on my blog as well...and thank you for all the magic and beauty you create in this world.


Carol said...

Always love your work ~ so creative~ would LOVE to win the little heart friendd ~ thanks, namaste, Carol

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Oh She is precious..what a Beautiful job you much Talent...please enter me..

Please stop by my blog and enter mine..#280


Vivian Helena said...

wow, you are really getting the attention.. I want your Spirit Figure also.. My number is 723, this is so fun!!! hugs, vivian

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

I love your selections of art and your blog, they are both very beautiful! Please take a moment to "ride the carpet with me" ticket number 194- Dragonfly Design Studios.

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

Please thrown my name in the hat. Love the doll.

AlwaysInspired said...

I love all of your dolls! This little one is wonderful too!
Come and join my magic carpet ride too!

Jood said...

Great gift!
Thanks for sharing.

Bee said...

fab giveaway, please count me in. Why not pop over to my blog and join my giveaway too.


Priestess~Harper said...

Oh wow! The stops on this carpet ride are amazing! Isn't the BlogVerse wonderful . . . ?


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

She is precious! I love dolls and traveling! When you visit my blog, you will see! Please enter my name and visit me soon! ♥

julie mitchell said...

Hi dear Magic Carpet ticket holders!
I am going to take time tonight to visit all you blogs and sign up for good stuff!
I thank you for coming by to visit me and I know we'll meet again on this journey...isn't it fun?
hug, hug..
Lady,who knows, you might come out of the hat again this year.

julie mitchell said...

It has been cold and gloomy here to..and wet, but today it is gloriously sunny...we all need our 15 min.
Thanks for riding the Carpet all the way to Coarsegold, Ca...nice to have you.
Mini cakes, I'll have to check that out...real food? My daughter and I saw cake pops all over the food blogs and I decided we should make some for Christmas...They looked easy enough if I stuck to simple...but ours were a disaster..I couldn't get the cake mix to stick to the sticks and we couldn't get the frosting to stick to the was a mess..Alas, I am not a baker.
hug, hug
hug, hug

the sketching backpacker said...

will the spirit move to pick me?

WONDERFUL giveaway!

Oh i sure hope I win!

cheers from the Philippines!

from robert (no.744)

Beadwright said...

Fantasti, wonderful, brilliant! Please count me in

#350 on the magic carpet ride

Amy said...

Beautiful creation! Wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway!


OWOH #680/681

Chris in Oz said...

Hi Julie, it's lovely to meet you. I love your Friendship Sprite, please count me in for your draw.

This is a wonderful and exciting event, with so many participants to meet and keep track of, I hope you get a chance to visit my blog too (if you haven't already).

Have fun and enjoy the ride!!!


PS I've not heard that quote before, did you write it???

pinkglitterfae said...

Your doll is so ethereal, I would so love to have her! thank you for adding my name to your draw.
Something about me: I live in Canada, which is not so snowy this winter,for some strange's a little worrisome, when Texas has more snow than us, lol! I also spend way too much time reading blogs when I should be painting, but I can't help it, I feel connected to alot of people I have met. For these 2 weeks though, I am allowed to be blog hopping without guilt, lol!
# 650

WondrousStrange said...

Lovely,lovely! I would love to be entered to win your wonderful gift!

Please stop by and enter my give away as well! I'm number 290

Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hi Julie,

So glad you stopped by my blog. Your "girl" is sweet.


Tammie Lee said...

Hello Julie~
Your friendship sprite overflows with a whimsy that is delightful. Sweet and full of spirit. How lovely to have a chance to win her. Visit me too! #66

Digital Misfit said...

Beautiful friendship sprite!
I love to collect small art dolls. Being surrounded by art just makes me happy. I always find myself pausing to contemplate a particular goddess doll, painting, or tiny fairy, and I smile.
Thank you for hopping aboard this magic carpet ride. I hope you get a chance to visit my blog #258 on your journey.
hugs from ON, Canada

Holly said...

She is beautiful! I live in central Minnesota (U.S.), in the country, it's about -12 temp. right now, and I am so grateful I'm cozy by the fire! Thanks for the chance!
(I'm #811)

Cecilia said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!
I love your friendship sprite! It's so welcoming :) What a wonderful offering to this journey!

Gina Luna said...

How Marvelous!

Please count me in!


Gina Luna

Sherry said...

Hello, lovely to meet you. I'm Sherry from England, UK. I'm not an artist, but love to craft and any sort of art doll is what I'm into at the moment, so your little friendship sprite doll really appeals to me. I'm now following your blog as I'd love to come back and have a good look when I've more time.

I hope you can come and see my giveaways (if you haven’t already!) - it's a flat paper doll with a clay head.


Anonymous said...

What unique things you create! Please enter me! I am "the shabby hag" email is

Ellen said...

beautiful creation and so in the spirit of this lovely event

please count me in; my carpet number is #397

PEA said...

I would so love to win your darling friendship sprite!! Please enter my name in your giveaway and make sure you come over to enter mine as well, I'm #116. Thank you:-) xox

- Marybeth I. said...

she is darling!

misaacmom at gmail dot com
#752 OWOH ticket holder

Julie Blanchette said...

Oh... What a clever chiccie you are!

Please count me in in your fabulous giveway and come and visit my blog at:

And a chance to win a fab Artsy Eco Bag... So lovely to meet you!

Julie in Sydney, Australia xxx

SpiritMama said...

Your friendship sprite is adorable!
Waxela (wa-shay-la)
aka SpiritMama

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Sweet doll! Please include me in your giveaway and come enter mine!

(#185 A Vintage Cottage Home)

CreativSpirit said...

Hi Julie,

I love your little friendship sprite and her lovely wafty musling gown. Please enter me in the draw. I have bookmarked your site, I enjoyed my visit and will be back again. I am stopover #70 in Australia on the Magic Carpet Ride, please stop by for a visit and enter in my draw. Great to meet you,


Jasmine said...

Julie, i love your friendship sprite, we could all use as may as we can get right? So gorgeous :)

Enjoy your carpet ride.

Flipsi said...

Oh wow, it's a wonderful giveaway. Please count me in. Thanks.

Kim Mailhot said...

What a perfect giveaway for the OWOH adventure! I love the Friendship Sprite. Thank you for the chance to win her. Enjoy the lovefest!

Kathy said...

She's wonderful and magical all in one. I love the saying on her and oh how true they are. I would love to have her hanging around with all my fairies and other lovely artistic creations. She's an inspiration.

Happy travels,

Please be sure to check out my giveaway with this OWOH event at

Bright blessings from Las Vegas, NV

Pat Haight said...

She is so sweet! I promise to give her a good home. ☺

Lynn Stevens said...

Hi, I live in Idaho , spend my days doing faux painting and murals. My evening crafting, Please enter me for your beautiful spirit doll! come by mine if you have a chance #86

Triannas Treasures said...

Thanks for the chance to win. The art is lovely. Trianna from Victoria Canada.

Donna said...

Nice to meet you and visit your blog! Love this giveaway! I am having so much fun looking at all the wonderful blogs. I don't have a blog, due to arthritis I cannot type much at all but I enjoy surfing the net. Thank you for a chance to win.

Pixiewinkle said...

I just moved to a new town in New York, so I could use friend-making help! Your spirit is beautiful. Please count me in. Enjoy your magic carpet ride! #276

Diana Meade said...

Hi Julie, Thanks for visiting me at my blog#37. Please come back often. I would love to win your doll. I would give her a home over my art table to help invoke the muse.

Lelia said...

A special friendship sprite! Wonderful prize : )

Lelia Evelyn at gmail dot com

Barbara Olivo Cagle said...

Hi Julie, what a lovely idea and post you have. I love the gorgeous little spirits. I'd love to win. I absolutely love your gifts. Please take time to visit my blog, too, for a chance to win my book, 16 x MOM: A Mastery of Motherhood. I'm working on getting all the country flags. I promise to revisit your's too.


Anonymous said...

Donna from Maryland, I'm living in the same house that I grew in, the neighborhood sure has changed....I love to go to antique shops, finding things that I use to have as a child is like a walk down memory land. I'm a Nana, going on three years now, I just love that little girl, she is my rock.

Greetings from Maryland,

Kathy Sprinkle said...

I'd love to win!
Thanks for an enchanting stop on the magic carpet!
Outrageous joy,
Kathy over at Everyday Bliss
#111 on the blog tour

littlepurpleroom said...

This is perfect for this event. She would look right at home in my studio.
I am loving your blog. In fact I think I shall follow this here blog.
You asked about me..well, I spend my days "jewelin'" that's what Larry calls my time when I create jewelry.
Paintin' that's what we all call the time when I am well, painting.
Laughin', plenty of that around here with these 3 crazy Jack Russells. And Larry is pretty funny too. And of course part of that laughin' time is spent laughin' at myself.
I do whatever I want mostly. Cause I'm old, and I can.

Susan said...

Greetings from Salem ! Such fun traveling by magic carpet to visit new and old friends. lovely giveaway please enter me too! Susan I invite you to visit my blog giveaway I have fresh baked brownies andcinnamon tea prepared for my visitors!

Joy said...

Please add my name to the hat :o)

Anji Gallanos said...

Would love her to come home with me. I would love a chance to win. Please enter me.

Thanks so much


Jax said...

What a great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!

Rich Witch said...

*´*•.¸ ★*´* SUPERB! *´*•★ ¸.•*´*•

Please count me in!


★Rich Witch★

Please visit me for a Most Magical Prize at:

*´*•.¸ ★ ¸.•*´*★•*´*•.¸★¸.•*´*•

Marie S said...

Please count me in, I love the sprites.
If you get some time, fly by my blog on your magic carpet, I am #907.
Thank you for participating in OWOH.
So very very nice to meet you.

Monica said...

It's nice to meet you! Thank you for the chance to win one of your wonderful creations. I've been a quiller since I was about 7 years old. You should visit my blog and see what it's all about, most people think it's quilting, but it's quilling. :) Don't forget to stop by all 3 of my blogs and enter my giveaways too!

LiveArt said...

Hi :)

I just love the wonderful opportunity to travel the world on a magic carpet and visit so many wonderful people :)

Love your sprite, and I would love a chance to win at your wonderful giveaway :) Please stop by my blog, there's a giveaway there too, and I'd love it if you'd enter !!

Hugs and thanks,
Linda from Norway

Anonymous said...

First, thanks for stopping by! I love your blog. I had to read just a couple posts. I think I will be back! Please enter my name in your drawing and thanks again for a lovely blog.

Ria said...

Such a wonderful gift! Please count me in....and do pop in my blog to see what I put on my magic carpet!*wink

Have a nice day!

Katie Foley said...

shes lovely! Fab giveaway! count me in please! pop over to my blog and enter mine too when you get a moment :) i'm #328


loralai said...

I intrigued by your fantastic dollies. Would cherish one. Thanks for the chance, #601.

yasmin sabur said...

Hello from southern California, one world, one heart. Magical and heailing work.

Anni's Art said...

I took a ride on the magic carpet through your blog, and I got tears in my eyes when I read about the babies, I have just become a grandmother to twins, two boys. Your spirit figures are wonderful, please count me in your drawing.
OWOH #759

Jane said...

Hi Julia. Greetings from beautiful B.C. in Canada
Your spirit dolls are quite lovely and unique. Thanks for sharing your work on OWOH. It is a first for me and such fun. Please drop by #593

RR said...

Lovely! Thanks for the chance.

angelandspot said...


Threadhead said...

What a wonderful design of spirit dollS!
Come check my blog too

Tamara C said...

Your spirit dolls are beautiful and I would be honored to have one in my home! Please include me in your drawing and thank you for your generous heart and being a part of this magical carpet ride! Hugs, Tamara :)

crystal said...

I am so happy that i stopped by, i think that your Fiber Art is awesome!! You are so talented.. I am looking forward to visiting in the future and seeing more lovely creations;)


roc said...

what a great give away. please count me in.

WW said...

I’d love to be entered in your drawing. Stop by my blogs to be entered in mine.


Dschrader said...

Your work is gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win!

Kathy L said...

Hi Julie,
Well here we are once again! I love this event. Since meeting you last year, I get your news letter and follow your blog which I love. I could get lost in your figures all day long. Having said that, Please enter my name in your giveaway. Your figures for this years event are extraordinary.

Deborah Ann said...

Your spirit figures are heavenly! Please enter me in the draw, and be sure to stop by my blog to enter my giveaway. (#922)

Heavenly Humor

Melissa said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!

robin westenhiser said...

Awesome! Thanks, robin

ozlynda said...

Hello Julie from Victoria, Australia
I like the idea of a friendship sprite. Exactly what we all need.
Please enter me into the draw.
Thanks. Lynda.

My Way said...

Hello from Georgia, USA!! I'm really having fun flying from blog to blog and seeing so much talent!
I'm new to the art world and overwhelmed by all the different kinds of art I might could learn.
Please enter me and thank you for your generosity!

Tumbleweed Trails said...

What fun it is seeing the things you create. I could spend hours upon hours blog hopping to "visit with" and meet people. I have a huge passion for "all things art" so much of my spare time is spent pouring over artists blogs and websites. Your giveaway is fabulous! I would love a chance to win. Please add my name to your drawing!
visionquest2020 (at) msn (dot) com

Stanza Rae said...

Thank you for inviting me to stop by your blog and enter your giveaway.

I would love for you to visit me at (#903) and enter my giveaway (if you have already visited, THANK YOU!)

Sandra said...

Cool giveaway! I'm 211 on the magic carpet, please visit.

s hyler said...

I would love to be in your wonderful drawing.


Peggy said...

Beautiful blog and a stunning treasure!The sprite is amazing! I am flying on my magic carpet ,visiting from Connecticut. Thanks for the lovely giveaway I am blog #937

SheilaC said...

Your work is beautiful!! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.


LYNDY WARD said...

Greetings & Salutations,
Enchanting Spirit Doll OWOH Giveaways!
Lovely Work & Blog.

For a little Glitter & Magic fly by my blog
#242 On The List @:

Cosmic Blessings´¨)
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´Lyndy Ward

Connie said...

Hi Julie!

What wonderful spirit dolls you make! Please count me in.

I'm #818 Studio 64-Chicago on the magic carpet. If you haven’t already done so, please stop by for a chance at my giveaway too.

Hope to see you there!

mrscmc7 at gmail dot com

ArtNomadix said...

Wonderful work !
Thankyou for visiting my blog and your beautiful comments.
I have recently added some pix of my WIP painting fro my Giveaway at
Love Light and Rainbows

Jenea said...

Hi dear!!! I like your idea! It’s very Awesome! I wish to ALL who will participate in this wondefull give-away, Big Good Luck! Yohooooo! ;)

Kate said...

I just loved your piece on the Rebel! That has always been me, and you captured it well. Ah, a kindred soul! I must go back and look at some more of your work now. Please add me to your wonderful "giveaway". I am #1033, Kathryn Uster -And thank you for stopping over to see my blog. Truly appreciated. Kate {+:

Creager Studios said...

So very nice to meet you...your blog is great, thanks foe stopping by mine. Please add my name to your list for this wonderful giveaway

mitz said...

just a delight.. thanks for the
opportunity.. .. t c

vicki said...

these are just marvelous! You have designed an amazing little spirit doll! I love them everyone! Thanks so much for the chance to win - and I am just hoping that I do!

Vicki said...

OOh, how lovely! Please sign me up! And please check out my blog for more OWOH action!

Regina said...

Hi was so nice of you to drop by my place...I hope you will come again soon. It's always nice to have a kindred spirit close by.

I adore your spirit dolls!! Please enter my name.


CathyH said...

Hi Julie! Your spirit figures are so inspiring and beautiful!
with love from Tennessee #1035

Cheryl said...

Great work! Thanks for including me...and I hope you can pop by my blog as well.

Kelli Bear Haven said...

Your creations are fantastic and inspiring. I have just started making polymer clay dolls. I am going to put you on my favorites blog list asap.

SpiritMama said...

I love your Spirit Figures!
Waxela (wa-shay-la)

Leslie said...

Your spirit dolls are your blog too!

Karla Rosendall said...

What an awesome giveaway! Would love to win.

Grace said...

Please include me in your wonderful giveaway. What a fun blog to visit on the magic carpet. Thank you for sharing!


Caitlin said...

Your contribution to OWOH is so awesome!


nologic said...

I have had a wonderful time visiting your blog. I love your Spirit Dolls. They are very special.

I am from South Carolina and dream of living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Please include me in your drawing.

Aine said...

I just love your figures! They look so magical. I think I could spend hours staring at them.

evie tirado said...

very interesting blog; please stop by mine when you have a chance.

jenny said...

Oh gorgeous giveaway - love it!! Thanks so much for the chance to win and also for your comments on my blog
smiles from Australia
Jenny x

FiberArtisttoo said...

I love your spirit dolls and would love to have one at work here with me to encourage me thru each day. Please include me in your give away and stop by #651 to see my blog.

Red said...

___________xo ____ xo






Sherry Goodloe said...

Would love the chance of winning ANY of your spirit dolls! Thanks for adding my name to your growing list of hopefuls. Nice meeting you!

Stop by my blog when you get a chance and enter my OWOH giveaway as WELL! I'm GOT ART? #694

Nereashop said...

very nice gift!!
Please enter me in the draw and don’t forget to enter mine.

OWOH #598
Monica from Italy

Missy said...

How Generous of you ! I'd love to be entered ♥

Missy ~ Winnipeg , Canada
seksi_missy at hotmail dot com

Lisa W. said...

Please enter my name. :0) I am also having a giveaway and would love for you to stop by. #1025

Shariyah said...

Your spirit dolls are beautiful! Please enter my name in your drawing...and if you haven't already, visit my blog #135 and enter to win 1 of 3 prizes there! Nice meeting you..
Peace & Love from New Zealand!

Birgit said...

Hi there,

A mystery spirit figure? Just wonderful -- thanks for offering such a great prize. :)

If a glass bead necklace sounds good, you might want to visit my blog. It would be a pleasure to welcome you there. :)

Greetings from Munich,
# 849

Deirdra Doan said...

Cuties..... Please come see my doll giveaway

Chelle said...

How pretty. I would love to be entered into you drawing. So glad OWOH brought me to your blog. :-)


Sugar and Spice Art Confections said...

I love your beautiful art dolls! Thank you for your generosity! Please be sure to visit me at #833! I hope you are enjoying the carpet ride too. Rebecca

Cherry said...

So nice to meet you and visit your blog. Please add me to the drawing for your giveaway. I'd love for you to come visit me when you have the time!

VintageCrafter said...

How wonderful each one of your spirit dolls are! You are so very talented! It would be wonderful to be included in your draw. Please count me in!
I would love to learn your art!
*smiles from Canada*

Just Jenn Designz said...

Greetings from Virginia.
Oh wow... your dolls are beautiful! Great blog you have too! Please enter my name into your fabulous drawing for a chance to win.

Also, I would love for you to stop by my blog to enter my giveaway - #548.

Kells said...

Wonderful! Yes, please enter me in your drawing!

And you can visit mine here:

Happy Valentine's Day: ♥**~

Thanks so much!

afineday said...

Greetings from Pennsylvania! I'd love to win one of your Sprites! Thank you for the chance to do so!

brc668 (At) gmail (dot) com

Bev Coffaro said...

oh my last day, I am so excited to see if I win any of the wonderful prizes. Good luck on the drawings. visit

janil said...

Wonderful work!!!!Greetings from Spain!!!!

please, pick me up!
cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

Laura Haviland said...

These are art dolls make my spirit soar !! I love them and enjoy your art work greatly.
Please enter me in this fabulous giveaway, I will also enjoy following your blog.
Hugs Laura.
#427 (magic carpet)
So magical...

singtatter said...

Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful creations!

Do visit me at #976 (, if you haven't, to win a personalised tatted nametag!

munfoong5 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Kanika Marshall said...

What a spirited blog! I love your enthusiasm and, of course your Spirit Dolls.

I also make SPirit Dolls, but out of clay and African fabric ( and I really love the freedom you demonstrate in yours.

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